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Knowledge about consumers has never played such an important role. As well as standard research from samples, surveys and panels, there is now digital data: data, CRM, cookies, geolocation, etc. Each sector controls part of the information.

Brands source this information from their partners: research institutes, communication and media agencies. Our clients themselves have data which is dispersed between different departments – marketing, digital, commercial, CRM, etc. And the sharing of this knowledge is not yet assured, each fearing this loss of their expertise, knowledge, professional expertise and business. As a result the access to this information is often complex and fragmented.

Intelligence data is the regrouping of the pieces of the puzzle to find solutions to precise, clarified objectives. To simplify, how can me make the data “communicate” and “talk” to each other?

Out with Big Data! Let’s move on from a fantasised, paralysing quantitative notion to the creation of value, sharing, connections… That’s Talk Data – making data talk!

One of the major issues in our sector is to support our clients in the integration of all this information in their brand strategy. To make data intelligent, it is first and foremost important to define the objectives for its exploitation and enrichment.

Intelligence data must enable clients to enrich their marketing and communication strategy and optimise the profitability of their investments for developing their business.

All Serviceplan France’s agencies: Serviceplan, Mediaplus and Plan.Net work together with this intelligence data, making Serviceplan France a fully integrated and totally innovative model.