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Creating Relevance

Plan.Net not only takes charge of the implementation of the ideal media strategy, but also ensures optimal performance of campaigns and online media.

We are proud of our strategies, our plans and our advantageous purchasing conditions. That said, the real substance of our work is elsewhere: in efficiency, results and sales performance of the totality of the communication actions put in place for our clients. We constantly track the campaign's success (online media) and optimise them. We conceive campaigns with our production team which target the specific advertising groups and channels with precision. We also use outstanding tools and systems: the most up-to-date methods, such as video ads and mobile image plans to better target certain groups.

As a result, our method is creative as well as efficient. We create truly effective media campaigns.

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Pierre-Emmanuel Muller

Pierre-Emmanuel Muller
Plan.Net France


E-Mail: pierre-emmanuel.muller(at)plan-net.fr