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The best media purchases

Our team's experience and our clients' satisfaction guarantee the most competitive media purchases and efficient monitoring of their productivity throughout our partnership.

But apart from guaranteeing top competitiveness, our trading teams have the same entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to business partnerships as the rest of the Mediaplus team. It is not in the purchasing that we make the difference, but in our capacity to adapt our purchasing methods and negotiations to the customised media strategy we have defined for you.

At Mediaplus we do not know the silos between online and offline, visibility and performance, and our senior and generally multimedia teams are cut off from the use of on/off synchronisation tools.

Very skilled negotiators

Thanks to astute negotiation strategies, our clients benefit from optimal media purchasing conditions as well as decisive advantages over their competitors.
We give a lot importance to maximal transparency and frankness in negotiations. As a result, we prefer to go to the negotiation table with our clients.

The joint-venture we have made with Initiative Media and Universal McCann contributes significantly to our media purchasing power in the German market.
We have no fear when it comes to prices. As for the delicate attention given to monitoring our plan, we are unbeatable!