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Our strategies are inspired by the comprehension of your business

At Mediaplus a media strategy always begins with full comprehension of the communication issues; but first and foremost, we aim for a good understanding of your brand's business model, guaranteed by our team members' profile.

The competition, the productivity, the distribution channels, the weight of R&D and innovation, the key differentiation drivers, the consumer's profile all contribute to our reflection.

Once we have understood and integrated your activity's golden rules and issues, we go on to define the KPIs - branding, commitment, business - which will make it possible to measure the success of our recommendations.

Faced with the acceleration of technology and its usages, the explosion of the fragmentation of consumption and attention, we believe it is more important than ever to have a monitoring system which detects changes or gaps as they occur rather than trying to predict them with precision. As a result, following the KIPs requires regular data sharing or the implementation of an ad hoc analysis programme. Either way, the definition of KPIs the implementation of a monitoring system and the timing of the measurements for re-adapting the plan during campaign are the 2 conditions for a successful and virtuous business partnership.

All Mediaplus’ media strategies are built to achieve the best ROI through the search for the "most valuable consumer" and the "most valuable contacts", and define a personalised media plan for your brand.