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Our media planning strives to target those who really count: your business target.

This useful target does not have the same media or non-media consumption as your competitors' target, or another person in the same sociodemographic category.

To guarantee the plan's efficiency, the close understanding of your useful target is then associated with the selection of the contact points which have the strongest force, affinity and memorisation. That's what we call the search for the "most valuable contacts". And it is often in this research that the media creativity which drives us can be the most useful. A pack, a video game, a POS display, an endorsement are some of the contact points which can increase a campaign's ROI. So we will make sure you have plenty.

The group Mediaplus' best planning tools and research into your competition's behaviour will be used to assess your investments over time, distribute the means according to each brand and guarantee the best synergy possible between online and offline media.

Whether it be to build a brand image, generate store sales, optimise website traffic or physical traffic in a point of sales network, our plan will be continuously optimised according to the evolution of the KPIs we have defined.

In our opinion, the timing of this revision is one of the key elements in our business partnership with you. We recognise, with humility, that it is impossible to foresee all eventualities a priori without risking mistakes. Learn and start over - that's what you do every day too, isn't it?