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Create a network across the territory to optimise the drive to store or complement a national plan

At Mediaplus we believe the consumer decision process needs to be accompanied right up until the last metres before the purchase. Given the multiplication of contact points, driving an audience to a point of sale is more than ever a science and the subject of integrated communication.

Regional advertising is an unrecognised star in today's media plans: they are more creative, hard-hitting and efficient than ever before. That is why we are determined to offer our clients the support they need to plan, optimise and control:

local and regional campaigns within the context of a national media plan;

  • "branch marketing";
  • leaflet distribution;
  • geotargeting.

To that end, our team is equipped with all the tools and a wealth of experience in the geolocation of national plans; integrating all the convergent media to cover a territory or point of sale network and in the construction of local multimedia plans. We have developed unique experience in geolocation and affiliate programmatics which enable us to systemise the purchase of the closest audience to the catchment area with the tightest geographical network. There again, the quality of the negotiation is almost as important as the knowledge of the local product range and the ability to listen your management on the ground. So it is in on the ground, in your territories, that our business partnership is developed.

We use the following methods:

Mediaplus' GeoMedias

With this method we are able to target our advertising campaign's audience with precision. This is thanks to detailed localisation analysis and a planning process which takes into account the smallest geographical units, such as micro markets and sections of streets, etc. It is also possible to include any data from research or relative to customers which can be attributed to a given region.

We identify a geographical distribution of the sales potential of your zone of influence, for example in the case of subsidiaries.

We analyse structural data relative to customers from the target groups and examine their media use and consumer behaviour.
What's more, thanks to a recognised model of estimation using multiple variables (Geo Optimizer), we can identify potential unexploited customers in specific sales sectors so that you can reach them directly.