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Operational data

Coming from different environments, including data and marketing, we know that today a media strategy without a data strategy cannot be effective.

So data planning is fully integrated into our process, before and during the construction of the plan itself.

Thanks to our partnership with Quinten we have unique big data know-how. This gives us the ability to make your data or your campaign data talk, and to help you make the right marketing decisions or define your audience base more efficiently.

Quinten has been the benchmark company in France for data science and exploitation since 2008. Quinten very quickly distinguished itself with its ability to create an innovative algorithm, the Qfinder. This algorithm makes it possible to extract any type of data and without any a priori - rules of the profession that experts usually take many years to acquire, and above all, those they have not yet acquired.

Originally used for personalised health and medicine, Quinten has diversified over time and is now used in other sectors such as insurance, banking, media, transport, agribusiness and cosmetics.

Quinten with its own calculation and R&D centre, has a particularly demanding security policy and system given the extremely sensitive and confidential nature of the data it handles everyday.

Mediaplus offers to use this unique know-how for individual targeting. Because we believe that your targets are not your competitions' targets. And that using your data, we can reproduce more specific and pertinent buying decision processes and target clusters.

From the productivity of your advertising purchases to the efficiency of your sales teams and sales points, from the depth of your customer knowledge to the improvement of your brand image, Quinten and Mediaplus support you in the measurement of your performance and improvement with data.

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