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Sustainable development is a megatrend for both business and society. It is a theme which no company can ignore. The Serviceplan Group is at the cutting edge in this area for it clients, and produces the “Sustainability Image Score” (SIS) every year which about lists the sustainable development index of major companies.

As a result the Group actively advises companies about how they can meet this challenge and avoid endangering their reputation by underestimating the importance of the issue of sustainable development. Within the Group itself, we strive to make our activities more sustainable, step by step, day by day.

We do everything we can to make sure that our employees have the best skills in the sector and offer then long-term perspectives in the Group’s different agencies.

The satisfaction of our employees is an essential objective and we measure their satisfaction very regularly. We carry out annual surveys of all of our employees, examine the results and identify future measures to improve their satisfaction level. With this system, we aim to maintain the turnover of our personnel under 15%.

For many years now, we have had a global motivation programme, the CICC (Client, Innovation, Cash, Colleague) which takes into account not only performance and results, but questions regarding the sustainability of the company (such as customer and employee satisfaction).

It is our opinion that the thoughtful use of natural resources is key to sustainable development. This concerns three areas:

  • efficient energy (lighting, heating, air conditioning)
  • the reduction of consumer goods
  • reduction of travel (eg. video conferences)

We consider that long-term planning and actions are essential from an economic point of view. With experience we have learned that having a reserve makes it possible to maintain necessary security in a volatile economic sector. We are determined to maintain our financial independence and do not solicit investors or market intervention.

We already have 20% of the equity that we intend to increase progressively to 25%. Our Partners are shareholders in their agencies, because we are resolutely motived by long-term success and not short-term profits.