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Telekom - Feel connected all over Europe.

The Idea

Deutsche Telekom's new campaign presents the idea of a networked Europe. With, among others, Italian star tenor Andrea Bocelli, we promote the idea that the network strengthens the ties between countries and people. The message "Feel connected all over Europe”.

People are the focus of the campaign, they stand with their arms outstretched forming the "T" of the Telekom logo and thus stand for an open, positive attitude towards the interconnectedness of Europe and, of course, for Telekom. The human 'T' becomes a universal sign of limitless communication. It is understood everywhere and is the essence of the product promise: human closeness, and at the same time the practical accessibility.

As a central iconic motif, the pose is consistently displayed, both online and offline, in all the advertising materials - the most famous face being that of Andrea Bocelli, which can be seen in the TV commercials filmed in Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Dubrovnik and Graz (directed by Aleksander Bach, production: Stink). The Italian star tenor, who became blind at the age of twelve, takes viewers on a visually stunning journey through a diverse Europe, and explains the meaning and binding force of the network.

A 45 seconds long TV commercial, several print and poster motifs and an extensive online and social media communications campaign roll out in 2016 in Albania, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, promoting the idea of a border free, networked, connected Europe.






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