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A shoe that is also a coupon

The Idea

For sportsbrand Salomon we developed a completely novel promotion – the shoepon. Following the motto “Do sports. Get sports”. a special edition running shoes was produced. The extraordinary: there was promo-code hidden in the sole, which unlocked a free Sky Sports subscription. This way the shoes became a promo-code themselves.

After the customers bought their shoes all they had to do was run down the sole for approximately 50 km until the code became visible. The code could then be entered on the website – to enjoy exclusive sports events live on Sky Sports.

With this promotion we were able to win over a whole new target group: People who are big sports fans but don’t do sports themselves.

The campaign was adequately adapted into different media channels. In the TV section of electronics retailers people could test the shoes. As soon as the treadmill started moving all screens switched to exclusive Sky Sports live content. Digital out-of-home billboards and Mobile Ads also reacted to sporty movements of the user by presenting him Sky Sports.

The shoepon-shoes were also available at the online-shop. And the first edition of 1,000 shoes fully redeemed after only six weeks. This way, we turned hundreds of sports fans into real athletes – and into loyal Salmon customers.






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