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La Sécurité Routière

The idea

In the run-up to the seventh edition of the regional Quinzaine des Usagers Vulnerables road safety meetings, the Serviceplan agency organized an unprecedented field operation in Paris on 22 March to raise awareness about the dangers of pedestrian carelessness that generate more than 4,500 victims a year in Ile-de-France. This action is part of its road safety communication campaign for Ile-de-France with the DRIEA (regional and interdepartmental management for infrastructure and planning in Ile-de-France).

The idea behind the operation was to have an interactive digital billboard specially designed for the occasion near a very busy pedestrian crossing with traffic lights. Equipped with a detector, a loudspeaker, and a camera, the radar panel emitted the sound of squealing tyres whenever a pedestrian attempted to cross the road when the “red man” was showing.

Caught in the act on camera, the frightened faces of these disobedient pedestrians were then projected live onto the same panel. This meant that they became the living and breathing protagonists in the road safety posters, which featured the catchphrase: “Don’t take the risk of looking death in the face. Cross the road only when the green man is showing.”

The digital video and the posters created under these real conditions will appear in the next regional Quinzaine des Usagers Vulnerables (15-28 May 2017) (station displays, Facebook campaign, etc.)


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