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Mamie Nova

The idea

In 2016, Mamie Nova returns to television advertising, with a campaign that supports the most offbeat range from the ultra-fresh selection, both in terms of recipes and its ingredient and calorie content: “Gourmand®”.

To express the richness of the sensory experience involved in a Gourmand® meal, Serviceplan has designed a communication plan that could be described as the epitome of “gourmet exuberance”. Directed by Valérie Pirson (Partizan), this initiative involves a sequence of three surrealist sketches (15 seconds each) which are bursting with fantastic images and a huge range of outlandish video techniques. 

This campaign, which deliberately ignores the category’s usual communication codes, goes for strong creative bias, in order to enhance Mamie Nova’s modernity, but also to develop the frequency of purchase for Gourmand® among existing consumers.

The signature emphasises the effect that is created when a consumer tastes a “Gourmand®”:

“Mamie Nova. Il n’a y que toi qui me fais ça”. (You’re the only one who can do that to me)


Mamie Nova

Mass consumption food products


Emilie Martin

Emilie Martin
Directrice Développement

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