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Client-centric and ROI-istic

Our solutions for analysis and performance measurement are inspired by our resolutely customer-centric approach. 

We analyse the most important contact points in the buying decision process.

For products which generally involve a longer decision process, contact points work in different ways. The pertinence of individual contact points changes significantly as the consumer progresses towards a decision. Our Touchpoint Optimizer and BrandCube tools provide answers to questions such as:

  • Which contact points are particularly pertinent to your target groups?
  • Which are the most pertinent for the customer's final decision at the end of the buying process?

With this integrated and complex planning approach we are able to determine the right budget and put in place a balanced budget distribution.

We then monitor the effectiveness of our campaigns on your useful targets. Thanks to the systematic use of a Brand Tracker, the analysis of each contact point's contribution, as well as the analysis of sales results with you.